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Clips4Sale Fetish Friday Creator Spotlight - Stella Elle
June 7, 2024
We meet the wonderful Stella Elle who takes armpit fetish to a new level and creates beautiful lesbian fetish content for all to enjoy. She is on this week's Clips4Sale Fetish Friday Creator Spotlight.
Hi! I'm Stella. 
I started in the industry in the great COVID-porn-boom of early 2020, through the now renowned sex-work gateway: OnlyFans. Very quickly after starting my account, I decided I wanted to do more. So, I joined the first porn agency I saw online: Hussie Models. After surviving a year and a half stint with them, and deciding that maybe the industry isn't actually for me, I sulked home. I floundered for a while, trying to figure out where to take my career next, until I met the wonderful Kody Evans through a chance encounter on ModelMayhem (of all places). Kody, her sister London, and her business partner JR, so graciously held my hand through this strange and new corner of the industry. And I LOVED it. I loved the creative freedom I had, I loved the skills it focused on, I loved how close the community was, and I loved directing. 
Now, a mere 4 years after posting my first ever nude publicly, I run a successful lesbian fetish website and C4S account. I just leased my first studio, hired my second assistant, and just passed the 300-clip milestone. I still have a very long way to go, and many more years in this industry, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.