Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Chicago Mistress Simone - The Matriarch of Chicago
December 26, 2023
She is the matriarch of Chicago and the "Joyful Brutalist" We welcome back the legendary Chicago Mistress Simone to the program. She is simply called "The Mama!" Queen Pain giver, Kink Educator, Domme Mentor, Session creator - She visits with HiThereCatsuit on the final show of 2023 before the big changeover! #authenticallykinky


Best known as ChicagoMistress , I am a career Dominatrix who started out in Chicago  30 years ago. Expanding to my second Studio in Saint Louis, Missouri around 13 years ago, I now travel monthly between the locations to create unique BDSM and fetish scenes with those I connect with.
Over the years I have developed a reputation as both a heavy bondage Dominatrix and a CBT Mistress.
When submissives ask what my main fetish is my answer is Control. I love developing unique scenes in which controlling your sensory input is the focus.
My Domination style depends on you, your actions and our connection. One thing that will remain constant in all our encounters is my pure enjoyment at what we create together. Whatever it may be – a corporal correction, mummification or sadism.
What fun is it for me if I am not engaging deeply with you while playing? I define my play concept in this blog post 
I seek to connect, control and captivate you. My female dominant spirit requires your servitude, your submission and/or your deference. What is it like to be me? Well I tell you in my Being a Dominant Woman blog
Gaining a reaction from you is my joy. It puts a smile on my face to watch your body move, hear your noises or see you sink deep into subspace. I like to laugh in sessions. My wit is dry and can cut. I view it as the true calling of a professional Dominatrix to assist those who come to see her in becoming comfortable with themselves and their fetishes. A Dominant/submission exchange should be rooted in trust, honesty and mutual respect. Yes, even Mistresses have limits! Read more on the topic: Rights of the Dominant
Taking you out of the mundane world of strife and stress and into a kinky world of BDsm, submission and fetishism will be my goal for our time together.

Find her at and on Twitter @ChicagoMistress