Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Temptress Raven Eve - The Return to the TRE Dungeon
January 27, 2023
In our second FetishCon Friday show, it's a trip back to the dungeon of Temptress Raven Eve for an amazing interview that now only goes into her origin story but also takes HiThereCatsuit through a journey to interview her. Also available on video at
I am a Temptress, a professional sensual sadist DOMINATRIX.    
Let's dance in the light of the Devils fire, as you bleed while our souls become one.    
Lose all that once was, for all that will be, to become all you want....    
...Desire me...    
Breath me my, as you watch my body by the fire.    
Inhale the smell, of my sweet perfume.    
Our souls become one, by the light of the moon.    
Life merging, into one's embrace.    
Feel the fires escape    
\_~Temptress Raven Eve~\_  
\*\*ABOUT ME\*\*    
I'm a SADISTIC SEDUCTRESS full time professional DOMINATRIX located in Dayton Ohio. I’m an empath, dominant, sensual, insatiable, passionate, intelligent, very social woman with a sexual magnetic energy. My fetish I describe as a fashion fetish, designer heels, boots, lingerie and clothes. I have worked in the corporate world for over 20yrs. I have dealt with all kinds of personalities over those years and haven’t met many men and some women, who didn’t want to be at my feet, have me dominate them or servicing me in some form (sexually servicing me is NOT available!). So it’s now been my full time daily life & business since 2014.