Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
TerraMizu: From Model to Living Logo
July 18, 2023
From her over the top and campy characters that have graced the screen in nearly every fetish genre, to her latest venture as the Living Logo of Fetishcon, TerraMizu is a delightfully energetic veteran of the industry. She visits with HiThereCatsuit to talk about her history in the business and how she found her way into that special catsuit to be the logo!
TerraMizu has been Modeling & producing in the fetish industry since 2014. She has worked for people in nearly every niche of the industry (She shoots multi fetish so she works with nearly everyone) She is known for my her campy, over-the-top acting. And she has been named to the honor of the Living Logo of Fetishcon where she will be making special appearances at this year's event. You can find her online at