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From the Studio: A Visit with Tara Indiana
April 30, 2024
It's a trip into the Boyle Heights studio of Tara Indiana, Hall of Fame Dominatrix, legendary educator and even Presidential Candidate! It is a fun conversation that takes us around her amazing space of education, history and timeless stories of world domination.
Tara Indiana Bio:
Tara Indiana started her career as Dominatrix in New York City, 1989. She gained notoriety when She was crowned, Head Mistress at "The Paradise Club” and appeared in a photo layout with John Wayne Bobbit. It was also there She started Her infamous Dominatrix Classes which were quickly picked up by Playgirl, The Learning Annex and in the book "How to Seduce a Man”.

She went on to found, "The Den of Iniquity" in 1994 with Her colleagues London and Paige. The first space was at 241 West 19th Street in NYC.  The Daily News described Her as "The Martha Stewart of Dungeons" in an expose about the S&M scene in New York City. In 1997 she began performing at the S&M themed restaurant, "La Nouvelle Justine" where she met and performed for Joan Rivers and went on to guest on her show.

In 1998 She embarked on a career in Fetish Porn. She started her career at Gotham Gold defying the conventions of the time. In the 1990's, BDSM films were traditionally cast with porn actors. She was the first professional & working dominatrix to appear in mainstream Fetish Porn.

She quickly rose to stardom and was invited to sign for Gotham at CES in 1999 where she met Dian Hanson who then featured Her in “Leg Show" in 2000. Later that year She signed again for Gotham at CES where she met legendary Porn Director and AVN Hall of Famer Rick Savage. Rick cast her in many of his films for Legend, Pleasure, Galaxy and Outlaw and began shooting at the Den. From 1998 - 2006 almost every S&M film shot in New York was shot at The Den of Iniquity and or with Den of Iniquity Mistresses. Tara retired from acting to produce and direct in 2004 for her own line, "Den of Iniquity Films"

Tara revolutionized the dungeon business by bringing a legitimate corporate culture and branding to what had been a seedy, underground business mostly controlled by organized crime. It was The first BDSM club to obtain a federal trademark, and the first, and, to date, only dungeon to go national as a chain. At its height it had flagships in New York City, Phoenix and Los Angeles. The Den of Iniquity is known for it's long list of celebrity Dominatrices, Porn Stars and Fetish Models

But Her proudest accomplishment to date was appearing on "The Daily Show' with John Stewart,during the 2004 Republican Convention. She is the first and only Dominatrix to be interviewed on “The Daily Show". As a longtime fan She considered it quite an honor, saying "Jon Stewart is the only man that's ever publicly humiliated Me."

The Den of Iniquity celebrated its 20th Anniversary in September of 2014 with parties on both coasts. In attendance were over 200 Alumni. They flew in from all over the  the world to pay respect, reconnect and be honored for their contributions while celebrating what has always made the Den so special - the Women.

At the New York Party, Tara Indiana retired as Head Mistress to pursue Her dream of teaching and political activism. 

On February 14th 2015, Tara Indiana staged the first of several political protests of "50 Shades of Grey" at the LA Live Debut.