Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Aine and Scarlet - Introducing the SlutSisters
July 19, 2022
The host of the popular podcast Sexualchemy, the amazing Aine is joined by Cuckoldress Scarlet for a discussion a new Sisterhood to bring together women to empower themselves to be their best selves.
Scarlet Bio:
Scarlet (or Salacious Scarlet to her friends) is a woman becoming.  Becoming sexually empowered, becoming whole within herself, and becoming an inspiring leader with a servant heart.  Scarlet has been on a mindful journey of sexual exploration for most of her adult life that includes forays into kink and disclosed non-monogamy in several evolving dynamics.  She began chronicling her journey into the cuckolding dynamic on her blog, Cuckoldress Musings, nearly two years ago.  Since sharing her experience in cuckoldry and joining the vibrant online community, Scarlet has been an invited guest on several lifestyle podcasts.  Scarlet’s greatest passion is empowering other women to step into their inherent sexual agency and to hold space for the women in her life as they encounter their unique and individual style of sexual power.  Scarlet and her dear friend Aine have been developing the SlutSisters, an intentional community of sexually liberated, unshamed, and transformed femme-identifying folx seeking to deepen their experience with their unique sexual expression._

Aine Bio
"There are many descriptors for me…mother, wife, sister, friend, lawyer, executive, coach, lover, slut, spiritualist, shaman-in-training…all equally true and beloved hats that I wear. Previously, all of these descriptors needed to stand alone, in silos, under the protection of lock and key so as to not mix and match. Today, it is the very mixing of all of these parts of me that has caused MY alchemization.  I am no longer your run of the mill, bored professional and housewife. Through the process of my Sexualchemy, I now claim and celebrate the wholly integrated woman that has always been my birthright. I am all of those things, and more. And it is my greatest desire to share my story, and the stories of others I meet, who have gone through similar transformations."