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In the Studio with Snow Mercy
April 9, 2024
The incredible Snow Mercy, owner of MercyStudioLA is our guest, or rather should we say we were her guest for an in person interview where we talked about the Mistress's life that included times where her PhD could not overcome the viewpoint of male leadership in academia, to her beautiful studio, to kindness, to a long year history in the industry.
Mistress Snow Mercy (she/her) is a highly experienced professional Dominatrix, BDSM educator, and studio owner with over two decades of experience in the BDSM scene. Born and raised in California, she discovered her passion for BDSM in her early twenties while working at The Dominion in Los Angeles. She subsequently became immersed in the community while also teaching and pursuing a graduate degree in science.

Despite completing her PhD in science and continuing to work in the field, Mercy prioritized her BDSM career after coming out as kinky on national television. Though she was able to return to science during the pandemic due to high demand for her biochemistry and molecular biology skills, she continues to face obstacles due to the stigma attached to being a BDSM professional in mainstream society.

Mercy is a performer who enjoys expressing her kink in recorded and live BDSM performances. She co-hosted Bondage Ball in Los Angeles and has performed at a variety of events, including Kink in the Caribbean, Folsom Street Fair, and AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. She is also the star of hundreds of fetish videos for notable producers.

In addition to her BDSM work, Mercy is actively involved in humanitarian efforts. She has provided hands-on earthquake disaster relief in Peru, Haiti, and Nepal and worked alongside the LA fire department to build mobile COVID testing sites during the pandemic. Her volunteer efforts for local nonprofits have earned her the nickname of the Benevolent Dominatrix.

Mercy is an advocate for BDSM safety and consent and a dedicated BDSM educator. She has taught classes and workshops on various BDSM topics across the country and mentored fellow BDSM professionals. Her teaching style is inclusive, and she welcomes people of all genders, sexual orientations, and experience levels to her classes.

Despite being a well-established figure in the BDSM community, Mercy remains curious and continues to learn and grow as a practitioner and educator. She challenges stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding BDSM and strives to educate people about the realities of kink. Her dedication to the community has inspired countless individuals to explore their own BDSM journeys with confidence and respect.

Headmistress Snow Mercy
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