Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Inside the House of Gord
April 15, 2024
Through the memories of two women who helped Jeff Gord himself, join us for this amazing retrospective on the machines, predicaments, models and amazing designs of the House of Gord.
Here are the bios for Ruth and Andie of the House of Gord:

Ruth's Bio: 
I first met Jeff in early 2000. Friendship blossomed and within six months I began working for him. I took over sales and distribution for his then book company, Gordbooks. 
After his divorce from his second wife I took on much more responsibility. Running video, assisting on shoots, eventually becoming his personal assistant…all the while still running Gordbooks. 
With the dissolution of Gordbooks, Jeff and I developed an even closer bond and I became much more active in the day to day of House of Gord. Through many ups and downs over the years and the terrible shock of his death…I’ve now been with the company for 24 years. 
I promised him to keep his work alive and it’s my honor to continue in my attempts to make him proud as well as keep his legacy alive. 

Andie's Bio
In 2011 I started working with Gord coming from the art world documenting public art projects in the Seattle area.  I'm a professional artist, photographer and film-maker, and active in the kink scene in Seattle. I had seen Jeff's work in person at Kinkfest previously and when some friends invited me to visit him at his house, we hit it off right away.  They were looking for a videographer and editor and I was a great fit.  My first shoot was with Adrianna Nicole, and instantly I felt creative chemistry with the rest of the production team. 

After Jeff's passing we have carried on with the productions per Jeff's wishes, and kept his life's work alive for the world to enjoy. A true labor of love for all of us.  

Besides my ongoing work with The House of Gord, I'm an artist, photographer and my own personal video production work has been featured in the Humpfest Film-Festival, Elise Grave's website and other websites.

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