Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
A Retrospective of Harmony Concepts
April 23, 2024
In the 1980's, there was a magazine company who made "Love Bondage" a new way to see the art of the damsel. Nameless faces were replaced by identified models who looked as though they enjoyed the role. And Harmony Concepts was born. Meet three of the people integral to the changing face of the industry, Lorelei Mission, Jon Woods and Eric Holman.
Last month, HiThereCatsuit traveled to Los Angeles to join Photographer/Model/Content Creator Lorelei Mission (known in her work at Harmony as Kristine Imboch) of @BedroomBondage, Superheroine and Damsel Specialist Jon Woods of @American Damsels, and photographer/editor Eric Holman of @FMConceptsIInc.

The extensive interview includes conversations of all of the following names that are sure to bring memories to mind.
Maria Tortuga
Betsy Demont
Laurel Blake
Holly Summers
Debra Lee
Kristine Imboch
Robert Harmon

Robert Q Harmon
Pia Sands
John Floyd
Noelle Nielsen

Harmony Concepts

Harmony Communications

Harmony Bondage
Ashley Lane
Adventures of Ultragirl
Ophelia Kaan
FM Concepts Inc
Ashley Renee
Darla Crane
Jewell Marceau
Close Up Concepts 
Christina Carter
Lorelei Mission