Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Mistress Marley - The Mogul of the Scene
April 4, 2023
As seen in the New York Times and other national publications, Mistress Marley has taken her role as Femdom, FinDomme, Event Curator and Mogul to new heights and has created a brand that is educating the work of kink. She talks with HiThereCatsuit in this informative conversation.
Mistress Marley is a Pro Dominatrix who specializes in financial domination - the psychological kink of controlling someone’s wallet. Located in NYC, she organizes events and classes that help to teach aspiring dommes the art of BDSM along with teaching safety and consent. She is also an online kink educator and sex worker activist. To further her community organizing, she is the co- founder of Whipz Dungeon - a dungeon space that hosts kink and sex positive events for all.

You can find out about her workshops and more here:

She can be found on Twitter @eyesxonfire