Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Clips4Sale Creator Spotlight: Diaperperv
May 31, 2024
Today on the show! She is not a domme or a mommy. She is a hardcore diaper boy groupie & EX-Pro-Diaper Expert in Las Vegas. She has been creating diaper related sites since 2006 and content for the a Pampered following. She is the Diaperperv!
I'm a hardcore diaper boy groupie & EX-Pro-Diaper Fantasy Facilitator in Las Vegas.
I've been creating abdl related sites since 2006. Check out my ABDL Mommy/Nursery content at CLIPS4SALE STORE there's videos and erotic MP3's for AB's DL's, sissys & more
I personally identify with the title DiaperPerv (Note: I DO NOT WEAR DIAPERS). Here's my timeline:

ABDL aware since 1996
ABDL creating sites/videos since 2006
ABDL Diaper Fantasy Facilitator since late 2015
Diaper perv since March 25th 2018. Life changing

Stuffs I'm into: Halloween, making sure all the boys are diapered, diaper checking them, prostate massages, anal toys (in you), horror movies, mor diapers, make up on males (as they're diapered), literally everything must revolve around diapers as the core, sharing aloha.