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The Assignment of Skylar West and Jim Weathers
December 4, 2023
Skylar West and Jim Weathers have been working together to create amazing content for Jim’s well known Bondage Cafe Site. Now Skylar has teamed with Jim in the development of a long form movie which brings together stunning visuals, fantastic scenarios, and beautiful fashion. The Result is the Assignment, where one woman’s acceptance of a housesitting job becomes a trip into a fantasy world of intrigue, tension and dreams. They talk to HiThereCatsuit about this amazing project and the creative ideas that went into it. You can see The Assignment at
About The Assignment
Part 1 
Skylar West makes her directing debut in the fetish world, along side of Jim Weathers with a new story that mixes fetish with a distinctively dark psychological mystery.

After another failed date, Skylar West returns home to find a new housesitting booking of an anonymous celebrity client. She travels to the house, that is far out in the country. Things start out innocently enough. Watering the plants, doing yoga, enjoying the pool… all rather normal - except unbeknownst to her, someone is watching. A catsuited girl with haunting lips.

Who is it? What is going on? Skylar’s dreams begin to morph into dark fantasy and bondage. Who is the mysterious watcher? What is her end game? All unfolds in a this rather sexy and mysterious erotic thrill ride.

Part 2 
The Assignment continues in episode 2 of Skylar West's first production for Jim Weathers, which she co-wrote, directed and starred in.

Having taken a house sitting job from a mysterious new client, Skylar continues to have strange daydreams, and an unknown fetish entity has been watching her every move. Watering the plants turns into her getting herself drenched in a black and red latex outfit, and nylons, followed by a stint in the hot tub that morphs into a voyeuristic ride, with Skylar playing in the spa dressed in a sheer, full bodystocking.

She immediately goes to bed, but the mysterious black catsuited fetish girl (played by Candle) enters again, pulls off the sheets, and reveals that Skylar is fully tied in the bed. Candle strokes and slithers up against the now awake and struggling Skylar. Things get heated until Skylar awakens in the morning, only to find rope marks all over her body...

Part 3
In the concluding Episode of the Assignment, Skylar starts to put the pieces together when she walks into the living room, and looks at a fetish painting of Dita on the wall. It sparks something inside her, and she decides she is going to get into the locked room. She uses a credit card to enter the room, only to find the various fetish outfits she has been seeing in her dreams, hanging on a clothing rack. She begins investigating the room, looking at the crazy fetish heels on the shelves, and then the mirrored wardrobes, when she find a collection of elaborate leather bondage gear, as well as a xxx of fetish wear.

She finds one particular outfit that she really admires and puts it on. The polka nylons, followed by the latex panties, bra, and gloves. She grabs a pair of ballet boots, silver handcuffs, a gag, and then walks into the next room.

There she finds a large spool of white rope. She decides why not and proceeds to tie, and gag herself. She is in her whole other world, until she hears the front door open, and unmistakable sound of high heels on the floor. She tries to get out of her bondage, but she had done too good a job... She can't escape. And soon she comes face to face with the faceless cat suited dominatrix that has haunted her dreams.