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Mistress Mara Mayhem: Mistress Mara Mayhem: The Allure of Domination
May 17, 2022
Chicago Based Dominatrix Mistress Mara Mayhem combines allure and domination into a powerful presence that creates incredible moments for her clients and those around her. Meet this fiery Domme as she talks with HiThereCatsuit in a great conversation.
Chicago based visual artist and dominatrix Mara Mayhem has traveled the practicing her craft and making submissives fall at her feet. For over 16 years, she has challenged seasoned pros and corrupted novices with her  unique style of domination. 
As an inquisitive and highly educated person, Mistress Mara revels in being both alluring and intimidating. Her directness will skewer supplicants as fast as any whip.  
Mistress Mara’s passion for all forms of BDSM and fetish play is legendary but she revels in behavior modification, corporal punishment, and intense bondage. She will push boundaries while respecting limits; and she is always in control.
When not keeping wayward subs in line, Mistress Mara devours books, fine foods, and the occasional soul. She can be found at and on twitter at @MaraMayhem777