Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Mistress Mia Darque: The Oklahoma Amazon
July 4, 2023
The Oklahoma Amazon Mistress Mia Darque talks about her nearly long career as a Domme, being a Social Chameleon, being trained in a non traditional way and how being 6-3 brings possibilities to her that few others can have. Also discussed, Daria, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, nerds, and cows in purple catsuits. She joins HiThereCatsuit for this very tall set of tales. (Catsuit is 6-4 you know!)
I am Mistress Mia Darque the 6'3" Oklahoma Amazon and is a guest domme at Sanctuary LAX. I'm a mature BBW and I first got into the lifestyle in my very early twenties in Chicago, IL and turned it into a profession in 2013, now nearly 20 years later I'm still here. I was trained in a house that believed that you cannot be in a position of power without knowing what it's like to be in the position of submission so my first role in BDSM was as a submissive in a poly household of 11 individuals. I have learned over the years that my dominance has always come to me naturally not because of the clothes that I wear or parties I attend, but more because of the mindset of "I can do for myself, so what is it you possibly have to offer?". I believe my country girl exterior helps to hide my serious sadistic side just long enough to be able to put the fear of God into the hearts of those that come to me that makes heart simply skip a beat. Because of my size and stature and demeanor I excel at particular types and styles of domination including but not limited to... ABDL, Extreme Corporal Punishments, Lift & Carry, Interrogations, Race Play and much more. I also love to indulge in role-play/cosplay scenes and sessions especially with my Nerdcore clientele. This can be as mild as Frodo Baggins getting a spanking from his sword (Sting) by a Nazgul with a chip on its shoulder to Kylo-Ren being bound in ecstasy filled semi suspension while being tickle tortured by Darth Vader for being a whiny grandchild. I enjoy all of my sessions but these do tend to hold a special place in my heart. In May of 2018 I was honored by being asked to be Mistress of Ceremonies at DomCon Los Angeles. This along with speaking on the subjects of polyamory and people of color in kink and fetish are some of highlights of my career. In the aspect of lifestyle domination I am a proud member of multiple organizations and play spaces/dungeons including ClubFem DFW Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, Impact of Memphis, TN and Xpressions of Tulsa, OK.