Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Mistress Baton : Outed into Authenticity
March 5, 2024
Mistress Baton shares her journey from South African TV and Film star to Dominatrix in this incredible story of authenticity. Also available as a video podcast at
She was Yvonne, the TV host and well known Soap Star until someone threatened to out her to the world as a Dominatrix. Instead, she took control and decided that a life in kink was her authentic one and left the entertainment world behind. Now as a specialist on the judicial cane and devastating sjambok, Mistress Baton is one of the most intense Dommes you will ever meet. But in this incredible interview, you will see how that cruelty comes from a heart that mixes a blood lust with love and kindness.

Here is more on Mistress Baton from her website:

WHY: BDSM, especially caning and OTK, is a passion of mine, not merely a pastime. It is one of my greatest purposes in life, to thrash as many eager bottoms as I can. I am a happy sadist.
HOW & WITH WHO: I am friendly, outspoken & dominant. A merciless, disciplinarian-type sadist and exhibitionist, who mostly plays fucking hard when playing with members of my stable. When playing with clients, I play as soft or as hard as they specify. Your age, gender, ethnicity, body type and other superficial distinctions are irrelevant.
VANILLA INFO: In the vanilla world, I'm Yvonne van den Bergh. I like music, reading, cooking and many other things.
WHAT EXACTLY: I have many fetishes and interests, but the most intense which are relevant here are corporal punishment, roleplay, judicial corporal punishment history, latex, OTK, domestic discipline and satisfying my sadistic and exhibitionistic impulses.
Sexual fetishes and practices listed below are relevant to Yvonne, not Mistress Baton.
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: I film custom clips for clients, according to their specifications, within my play framework. Private sessions - yes, should our preferences match sufficiently. I sell hippo hide sjamboks made by a South African master craftsman, enquire by message.
MY TRAINING: I was mentored by various specialist punishers, including a SA Correctional Services caner and an SAPS caner.
I learn from bottoms when punishing them, every one of them, as well as through constant, intensive research.
MY LIKES: Drama-free kink and S&M, Latex, Filming the above, Music
MY DISLIKES: Prejudice, Politics, Religion, Unsolicited advice.

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