What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want
Mistress Lucie Sirene - The Start of the Story
May 10, 2022
a Goth based in the Chicago Suburbs, Lucie Sirene is young and fresh to the Pro Domme scene, and between making metal music, covering herself head to toe in PVC, and watching cult classic movie musicals, loves domination as a means of allowing her subs of all kinds to accept and fall in love with the part of their psyche that craves the taboo.
A lifelong love of the taboo and the macabre, an old D&D character, and a life of sexual hardship has lead Lucie Sirene to want to educate and guide subs through safe, accepting experiences. From extensive run ins with sexual assault and unethical kink, to the trauma responses that ensued afterwards, Lucie's introduction to kink wasnt necessarily a healthy one. But as she learned more about ethical kink, the more she fell absolutely head over heels for it. Now, she has made it her life's journey to educate and guide, but she's only just getting started. Her inspirations for her work aesthetically is Nina Hagen (you can thank her and old Lip Service fetishwear for my love of PVC) and an old D&D character of hers that inspired her namesake. She identifies as a mixture of the geeky mall goth decked head to toe in name brands of the 2000's (styles that she now is an avid collector of), and a fetish goth inside and out. Either way, you'll see her wearing huge platform boots and at least one shiny garment anywhere she can be seen.