Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Troy Orleans - The Artist
May 30, 2023
She is a true bondage artist whose work encompasses the binds that most could not even dream about. She is the amazing Troy Orleans and she discusses her amazing world of extreme bondage with HiThereCatsuit.
Troy Orleans, a BDSM practitioner and professional bondage artist since 2004, specializes in gear-driven leather bondage, inventive suspension, sensory deprivation, and immobilization. She is the owner of New York City’s Salon d’Orleans, her bespoke private studio in the heart of Manhattan, designed for immersive, extended bondage stays. SDO is home to a connoisseur’s collection of custom equipment regarded by many in the professional bondage community as among the best in the world. In Fall 2023 Troy will open her second BDSM studio in Miami, FL.
She exists pretty much everywhere on the Internet @troyorleans, including her website,